Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Former Model...

My teacher's friend was a model. She is not one anymore. One of my friends want to be a model, and my teacher ask her friend to come to our class to give a short briefing on what a model is like. It was quite interesting to listen eventhough it was not my thing. She taught us how to maintain the mody weight, which agency to contact if we are interested in Houston, what to use on our skin, and kinds of good brands that are on the market and of course her lifestyle of her olden model days. I really find it very amazing and questions that my friend ask was so funny. She shows us some of her compilation of her model pictures. I really like one of it. My friend was writing down all the things she said including the brand names and which type of powder to use on the skin. I did not write down anything but just have fun listening to them. It was funny.

Today is the second day of my driving lessons this week. 8 more theory days to go and I can start to learn how to drive. Today and yesterday was totally hilarious. The whole class was about drugs and alcohol. We all had so much fun talking about it. My friend's jokes are really cool. He choke when he was shewing on a gum. The whole back row laugh so hard. This week is much funner than the first week. Last week was a boring week with test and test. Hopefully it will continue to be fun until the end.

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