Saturday, August 22, 2009

Article, article, article...

Just finished the article that Ms. Seah ask me to write for the school magazine I guess. It was for my high school. I couldn't really just push it away and say no. I guess I had to accept it in some way. It was also a way for me to tell others what I had been through and show them what the states is like.

My friends told me about it quite some time ago when my summer class was still on. I hadn't got a chance to write it due to the tests and also the vacation I went straight after my summer class. I guess all the things settle down a bit, and I am ready to write it. I hope that what I wrote gave the teacher an idea of what I am trying to say and what she wants. I couldn't really upload the whole page in my blogger or xanga. I had to make it downloadable for those who want to see. Just leave it if you don't want to see it. No offense and no hard feelings.

Here is the download link for the whole article with some pictures in it.

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