Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall Semester Reopens....

It is already 1.42 a.m in the midnight. Just finish using the computer to look at something. I should be in a state of extremely tired, but I just don't feel like sleeping ( gonna sleep soon or else I will collapse tomorrow ) I might even sleep in the first day of class tomorrow. It has always been a new experience for me whenever a new semester reopens. There will be new faces appearing who I have no idea who they are. I hope to meet someone nice and can befriends with. I am gonna get spanked if my parents found out what time is it already that I haven't gone to bed.

My eyes had been hurting this past few days and I couldn't really concentrate on anything possible. I was closing my eyes when I was watching 'American Best Dance Crew' earlier. My mum kept on nagging me to sleep earlier as she know that I had been very tired this past few weeks. I hope that I will have the habit of sleeping early again to maintain my body health. Been getting plumper and fatter as the day goes by. My body condition isn't even at half of my good condition. I think I need to exercise more and have the habit of sleeping before 11pm....

Goodness gracious... The time for me to sleep as arrived. I won't last any longer if I still continue to stay awake.

Until then...Toddles~~~

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