Saturday, August 29, 2009


My life haven't been that interesting for the past days. I have been doing the same routine everyday regardless of when and where. I don't have such fancy stuffs going on in my life like many other people. One of the reasons could be that I don't have a lot of friends here in the states. Still under the process of searching some suitable dudes to go out with. Have some movies or just talk crap.

I was very happy to be able to go to my friend's farewell party. Well, I have been staying at home for quite a long time, and it would be very boring if I continue it. She is returning back to her home country, Turkey. We held the party at one of my korean friend's house. We had korean food for that night and the taste was awesome. He is a really great chef. He also owns the 'sushi bar' inside H.E.B near Market Street.

I reached there kinda late as my friend, John was busy and had things to do before he can pick me up (thats why I want a driving liscence).. Nearly all my other friends had already arrived by the time we reached there. There were having their food on the low table which is located on the floor. I was in such hunger that I simply grabbed a plate and started putting food inside my plate. It was mainly vege for the night with some minced beef and of course the famous Korean 'bar-b-que Beef.' The taste is just awesome. The korean cabbage 'kimchi' cant be left out also. Many of my friends don't really know what it is. Can't blame them actually. It is like I don't know what a 'Fajita' is until I see or try one.

My friend also bought a very large cake for the Special Gal, Mensure. We couldn't really finish the whole thing with the amount of people we had. A few of us ask for second as the taste is just fabulous. The cream and the strawberry sauce just melts in your mouth. I wanted to have a third one, but it felt kinda of weird so I had to control myself with it. My korean friend, Jun also offered me with one of the korean sake. He had to put it in the micro wave to keep them warm, but he overdid it and it turned out to be freaking hot. I had to soaked it in cold water to lower the temperature. The taste is really strong *opps not suppose to drink that, still under age =)....*

The part ended awefully early as she had a flight to catch tomorrow and the most of us still had a early class for tomorrow. Got to sleep early and wake up early too. It was a fun party and I hope she can come back to Houston again.

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