Sunday, September 27, 2009

~October Fest~

* I couldn't upload the pictures as it won't allow me to do so. I think there is some technical issues with it. I uploaded it to my facebook. *

I was suppose to post this yesterday right after I came home, but it was around 12 something so I had to post it today. There was one activity called the OctoberFest that I just know recently. There was one which was located in The Woodlands for yesterday and today. I think it is quite different from the ones that are at the other places. It is a German Festival with lots of German Beer and dancing. It lasted from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday whereas on Sunday, it is only half a day. It was really a lot of fun and music going on. There were a lot of people dancing on the stage.

There are actually two stages. One for the Euros and the other one is the German stage. I went there because I volunteer to work as a runner there. They have all sots of position to sign up for. My friends also went for that position, but neither of us got that position. The three ladies headed over to the other ticket counter all the way on the other end. I ended up doing a survey on how the people heard about the festival. Emil was asked to work at the coupon counter.

Fortunately, I was able to went for 2 round as a runner. Got to go around the place using that time and took some pictures of it. My friends ended quite early while I still had to work until 8 p.m. Haha~ We wonder around that place after work and took some pictures around. My friend push me to take a picture with two beautiful German girls. =)

We also did all kinds of silly and crazy pose, like sticking out our butt and making crazy faces. We desperately hungry after that and headed out for pizzas at Brother Pizza's nearly Safe-Way Driving there. The pizza was actually quite good. The flavor was awesome. We talk crap and joke there. I was lucky to have a Russian guy with me who doesn't know much Spanish. Haha~

After that, we rented a movie and went to Gaby house to watch it. I think the title was Babylon A.D. We were laughing quite a lot through out the movie as we joke about it a lot. It was really fun. We also took some crazy pictures while watching the movie.

My friend was very kind to drive me home after the movie. Thanks a lot to Emil and Sabrina. It was really awesome. Can't wait until the 'Siesta Latina' on next Friday. We got some Salsa and Merengue to floor it. Haha~ :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Cam =)


I was suppose to post this yesterday, but it turned out that I had to finish my work before doing this. We went out in the noon and reached home late at night. We went and visited the Chok family again. They moved into their new apartment. Haha~ It was three storey. Quite large for 3 people.

We had lunch at a Taiwan Noodle shop. Forgot the shop name. We ordered quite a lot to eat, and I was stuffed. We ordered two gigantic bowl of pork chop noodle and also beef noodle. It was soft and tender. We also got the chance to try Taiwan cold noodles. It was a new thing for me. Overall quite good. It is the best noodle restaurant in Houston area.

We went seperate ways after lunch. My dad wanted to have a look at the hong kong market in downtown. I have no idea why they put 'hong kong'. It was bascically all vietnamise people inside. Should be vietnamies market. LMFAO! The stucture and design of the building was quite nice. Reminded me of those Chinese temples.

After a few weeks of discussion with my dad, we decided to buy this camera as shown in the picture. We went to quite a lot of places to look for a decent camera. We bought a Samsung SL620. It has a 12.2 Megapixel with a 5x optical zoom which is quite nice. The bext thing about it was that it was on sale. It was 40 dollars cheaper than usual price. We got it for $129 only. Such a great deal where to find. We got it from Best Buy.
I had always wanted a new camera. The old camera was inly 7.1 mega pixels with only 3x optical zoom. Hopefully my dad is going to buy a pro camera later on as well, as this camera will basically be mine if I enter University. Haha~~~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Community Service

Just woke up from a short nap. I had to wake up at 6 a.m. in the morning today to get ready to go back to campus. I need to reached school before 7.20 a.m. I had to carpool with someone as I don't have a car even though I can drive.

There were only a few of us from our college that volunteer to work at the Hamill Ranch this time. We headed towards FM 1960 around 7.20 a.m. and reached there at 7.50a.m. They started work at 8 a.m. sharp so we had to be early. This community service is actually what we do in the Habitat for Humanity Club. It is the activities of the club.

We started working after we got sign up and given a job to do. There are a total of 7 houses that are being build and 2 lands for us to build starting from the framing. There are quite a lot of different work for us such as painting, roofing, putting tiles, and also framing. I had forgotten a few. Out team actually started with roofing, but they need more people for framing as it was a lot of work to do. Chris, Jonathan Swift, Jonathan Chang, Anna, Vero, me, Rick, Kerry, and also her dad volunteer to help them with the framing work.

It was about slamming the nails inside the ultra thick wood, and carrying them around. The framing work is actually about building the exterior and interior structure of a house. There are two teams that are doing framing, as there are 2 lands for it. Some of them get to use the nail guns which was much more easier. We weren't really allowed to touch it even though we are over 18. They say it is too dangerous 'Even though it is a nail gun, it is still a gun in some way.' Haha~ The sound was also very loud.

We had to nail all the parts together and put them together. Have you ever build those houses from wood which you can buy in a supermarket? It is actually around the same structure except that we had lots of nailing to do and carry the super heavy wood after they are nailed together.

It was tiring but the results was worth it. I learned quite a few things, and gain some extra muscles from carrying all that wood. We managed to finish off with the framing which was our goal of the day before 3 p.m. It was a total of 7 hours work non-stop except for a short lunch break in the middle. Some people left early, but quite a lot left at 3 p.m. We cleaned up the mess a little and Jon Swift drived me back to campus.

We will be going there again one time per month for the following month. I don't have any pictures as the historian wasn't me. It was Rick. I am a SGA Rep. Hopefully I can get a hold of the pictures soon. =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Driving Test. =)

Been quite tired today. After finishing school, had to head out for the final test of driving test. Guess what? I passed the test. After 32 hours of in-class lessons and 14 hours of driving lessons, I finally passed the test today.

I need to wait for a few weeks to receive my documents stating that I have already passed the test. Then only I can go to the Department of Public Safety to get my driving liscence. Yippee~~~ My long await mission has completed. Now all I need is to get the liscence, then I will be able to drive in USA. Woots~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nothing Much.

I am having a boring an tired life for now. It seems that everyday ended so quickly without anything going on. There is nothing much to write about which makes my life so boring. I am still wondering how am I going to post the trip to Galveston. There are so many pictures and so many to write about. I am actually too lazy to do it. It takes me so much time to do it. This few days just keep going out for shopping with my family. I don't even have time to do my school work somemore want to upload my blog. Malaysian Style, 'Walau Eh!'

I will try to post it when I feel like it. Haha~ I already posted it to facebook. It gives me the feeling of doing something extra if I post it here again. =(

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Got Back My Wallet =)

Went to the police department at my college before I started class. I was very happy to get back my wallet. Except for the 5 bucks which was missing, other things are still there. It is a very big suprise since the person didn't take away the other things. If it was in Malaysia, the whole thing including the wallet will be missing. My wallet cost me around rm50. It isn't really cheap. Anyways, quite happy to get it back. Don't need to waste time getting my ID done again.

Lots of things going on in college this week. Tons of homework, tutors, and tuition are going on. Grasping air is also very hard. Tough Luck!

I don't really have time to upload my post about the trip to galveston with all the battleship and submarine that is left in World War 2. I will post it when I am free, probably around the weekends. I upload the pictures to my facebook. The trip is so awesome that it took us from 8.30am to 12.20 am in midnight. We were so tired after the whole day.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Change of Plans

It was a fine weekend and we decided to head down to Galveston since last week. The moment of happiness sway away when the shocking news of thunderstorm in Galveston had us cancel the plan. Which also leads out to another, of course. Haha~

Went out for shopping the for nearly half a day since I woke up. My mum was screaming to wake us up, as they were having many sales at the mall. I got change after a while (except for my sis, who took such a long time.)

We headed out towards I-45 as my dad was giving me a chance to drive on the freeway. It was my first time, of course. It was just like ordinary driving except for the part that the cars beside me are passing at a speed of superman. (faster than lught what.)

We had a simple lucng at Taipei, a Chinese Restaurant. The food was quite delicious, and I recomemded it for sure. Don't have any pictures of it as I only had my phone camera with me.

After the lunch, we went towards the Woodland Mall for some 'light' shopping which turned out to be the exact opposite due to the 2 ladies in my family. I was the driver until there. =)

Went towards SEARS, and also JCPenny. Just shopping this two places really makes me feel extremely tired. My dad started to get grumpy as he was also at the verge of knee cap falling apart. No pictures, so I just cut out all the stuff. Blah Blah Blah~~~

My dad didn't buy anything as usual. He only likes the 'kuda' brand at a low price. We went to a shop which satisfy him, which is Marshall. It is a place where they sell branded stuff at a lower price. Some can even go until 50% or more.

My dad wanted to find his Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt. It usually has quite a lot of it, but it turns out to be quite empty witht he kuda. Fortunately, my dad found himself a Nautica branded shirt, which he also likes a lot.

While he was trying it out, I noticed a shirt which caught my eyes fairly quickly, I would say. When I saw the word 'Make in Malaysia,' I was quite shocked. I was thinking to myself how did a shirt from Malaysia fly all the way to USA. Lolz~ It was a shirt with a name called Allen Solly. It started out in 1744 as shown in the picture. I tried to find other shirts to check the place of born, but the others all turn out to be from Bangladesh. I took a picture of it because I was suprise. Using the phone camera, so it turned out to be like that.

I didn't check the quality of the shirt as it was inside that thing with a lock. I was wondering since when did Malaysia produced such nice materials clothing to send it out to the states. Malaysia tend to send out the best to other country, but keep all the 'Rojak' items for the country. How hilarious is that?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lesson Learnt

Today could be one of my 'luckiest' day in my life. I woke up late today. After rushing all the stuff, manage to make it to college compound in time.

Like usual, I left my bag inside the locker and went away. When I return to the locker, I notice that my locker and my bag was wide open. I was stunned for a while. My mind was continuously saying "Oh Shit!" All my stuff inside my bag was in disoriented order. My shirt was flying all over the place in my locker. I started searching my bag and see what had gone missing. I lost my wallet. Damn it~ Someone must have stole it. I only have 5 bucks, my Malaysian ID, Driving permit, 2 insurance card, a debit card and some useless card. He must be a beggar. Lolz~

Who would want to still a wallet belonging to such a poor guy. I pity the guy *cause it is a guys locker* who stole my wallet. What can you buy with 5 dollars? I buy Mcd for him also much better. Haha~

I search around the area, and went to the front desk to ask if anyone drop it by ( I know is useless ) The lady working there told me to report it to the police department in Building E. I had no choice but to go there. The lady in the office ask me to complete the volunteer form stating what I lost, how I lost it, and the description of my wallet including the interior stuff. A police officer ask me some question and open a case file for me. He gave me my case number. ( couldn't say it here ) He told me to come back tomorrow to get the copy of the report and see if they found it or not.

This is why I like about the Cops, Fire Officer, and Paramedics in the states. They are really professional unlike those at home. Their occupation is so admire by all the people here. Such a big difference.

I had to call my dad and told him about the incident. My mum then took me to the Texas Department of Public Safety all the way at Conroe. It wasn't a long drive for today. Maybe the feeling was different. It took me only a short while to get my temporary permit back. I had to pay 10 bucks and took a photo. A permanent permit will be send to me.

I had to go to the bank too, to get myself a Wells Fargo Temporary ATM Card since I lost my debit card. Got it done it 15 minutes. Wasn't very much of a hassle For Goodness Sake! Well, about the 2 insurance card and the Malaysian ID card, hopefully I can find it back. The insurance card won't be much of a problem. The ID would be quite a problem. I got to get myself a new one when I go back to Malaysia next time. My mum keep nagging me, saying how important it is. I don't really care about my Malaysian ID card.

God Bless Me that I can find it back. Until then, still my 'luckiest' day. LOLZ?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sleeping Problems

Have been quite busy recently with all the school, tutoring, tuition, lab works, and also driving lessons. It has only been the second week yet all the work loads are pilling one after another. It gives me a never ending feeling. I wonder when will all these work ends and I can rest and sleep properly. Since the driving rules have been reinforced on Sept 1, I need to make haste in my procedure of the taking all 7 driving lessons. I need to finish all of the things before I reach 19. I wouldn't want to go to the DPS center back in Conroe to complete. That will be WAY TOO MUCH of a hassle. Teachers at college are going crazy this semester giving lots of work everyday. I have only a little bit of work in Summer. Maybe it is because it is a relaxing period of time. For this semester course work, I need to interview a native speaker, do some community service to turn it as a journal, 1 hour of lab work each week, 1 hour of reading tutor class each week, and also tons of homework. I have been going to bed around 2 to 3 this few days. I was even caught sleeping in class by my teacher. Damn it =( I even fell asleep while doing my homework siting on the chair. Super Ultra Tired!

Can't wait until next Monday which is Labour day. An extra day for me to rest. In the states, we don't have much public holidays per year. There is only a few such as Thanks Giving, Labour Day, July 4th, Easter Day, and Christmas. It is definately different from Malaysia with all the birthdays, Memoral Days of so and so, and other useless holidays. It is a very rare chance for us to have an extra day of holiday in the states.

May god bless I won't fall sick with all the work. Got to sleep. Biesss.....