Saturday, September 5, 2009

Change of Plans

It was a fine weekend and we decided to head down to Galveston since last week. The moment of happiness sway away when the shocking news of thunderstorm in Galveston had us cancel the plan. Which also leads out to another, of course. Haha~

Went out for shopping the for nearly half a day since I woke up. My mum was screaming to wake us up, as they were having many sales at the mall. I got change after a while (except for my sis, who took such a long time.)

We headed out towards I-45 as my dad was giving me a chance to drive on the freeway. It was my first time, of course. It was just like ordinary driving except for the part that the cars beside me are passing at a speed of superman. (faster than lught what.)

We had a simple lucng at Taipei, a Chinese Restaurant. The food was quite delicious, and I recomemded it for sure. Don't have any pictures of it as I only had my phone camera with me.

After the lunch, we went towards the Woodland Mall for some 'light' shopping which turned out to be the exact opposite due to the 2 ladies in my family. I was the driver until there. =)

Went towards SEARS, and also JCPenny. Just shopping this two places really makes me feel extremely tired. My dad started to get grumpy as he was also at the verge of knee cap falling apart. No pictures, so I just cut out all the stuff. Blah Blah Blah~~~

My dad didn't buy anything as usual. He only likes the 'kuda' brand at a low price. We went to a shop which satisfy him, which is Marshall. It is a place where they sell branded stuff at a lower price. Some can even go until 50% or more.

My dad wanted to find his Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt. It usually has quite a lot of it, but it turns out to be quite empty witht he kuda. Fortunately, my dad found himself a Nautica branded shirt, which he also likes a lot.

While he was trying it out, I noticed a shirt which caught my eyes fairly quickly, I would say. When I saw the word 'Make in Malaysia,' I was quite shocked. I was thinking to myself how did a shirt from Malaysia fly all the way to USA. Lolz~ It was a shirt with a name called Allen Solly. It started out in 1744 as shown in the picture. I tried to find other shirts to check the place of born, but the others all turn out to be from Bangladesh. I took a picture of it because I was suprise. Using the phone camera, so it turned out to be like that.

I didn't check the quality of the shirt as it was inside that thing with a lock. I was wondering since when did Malaysia produced such nice materials clothing to send it out to the states. Malaysia tend to send out the best to other country, but keep all the 'Rojak' items for the country. How hilarious is that?


chris@dotagaki said...

Hey, juz dropping by. Cool blog btw

Cheong Hao said...

Thank you. haha.

kenwooi said...

haha.. malaysia seems to be exporting shirts too! =P

Cheong Hao said...

yep. that is why i find it so suprising.