Saturday, September 19, 2009

Community Service

Just woke up from a short nap. I had to wake up at 6 a.m. in the morning today to get ready to go back to campus. I need to reached school before 7.20 a.m. I had to carpool with someone as I don't have a car even though I can drive.

There were only a few of us from our college that volunteer to work at the Hamill Ranch this time. We headed towards FM 1960 around 7.20 a.m. and reached there at 7.50a.m. They started work at 8 a.m. sharp so we had to be early. This community service is actually what we do in the Habitat for Humanity Club. It is the activities of the club.

We started working after we got sign up and given a job to do. There are a total of 7 houses that are being build and 2 lands for us to build starting from the framing. There are quite a lot of different work for us such as painting, roofing, putting tiles, and also framing. I had forgotten a few. Out team actually started with roofing, but they need more people for framing as it was a lot of work to do. Chris, Jonathan Swift, Jonathan Chang, Anna, Vero, me, Rick, Kerry, and also her dad volunteer to help them with the framing work.

It was about slamming the nails inside the ultra thick wood, and carrying them around. The framing work is actually about building the exterior and interior structure of a house. There are two teams that are doing framing, as there are 2 lands for it. Some of them get to use the nail guns which was much more easier. We weren't really allowed to touch it even though we are over 18. They say it is too dangerous 'Even though it is a nail gun, it is still a gun in some way.' Haha~ The sound was also very loud.

We had to nail all the parts together and put them together. Have you ever build those houses from wood which you can buy in a supermarket? It is actually around the same structure except that we had lots of nailing to do and carry the super heavy wood after they are nailed together.

It was tiring but the results was worth it. I learned quite a few things, and gain some extra muscles from carrying all that wood. We managed to finish off with the framing which was our goal of the day before 3 p.m. It was a total of 7 hours work non-stop except for a short lunch break in the middle. Some people left early, but quite a lot left at 3 p.m. We cleaned up the mess a little and Jon Swift drived me back to campus.

We will be going there again one time per month for the following month. I don't have any pictures as the historian wasn't me. It was Rick. I am a SGA Rep. Hopefully I can get a hold of the pictures soon. =)

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