Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Got Back My Wallet =)

Went to the police department at my college before I started class. I was very happy to get back my wallet. Except for the 5 bucks which was missing, other things are still there. It is a very big suprise since the person didn't take away the other things. If it was in Malaysia, the whole thing including the wallet will be missing. My wallet cost me around rm50. It isn't really cheap. Anyways, quite happy to get it back. Don't need to waste time getting my ID done again.

Lots of things going on in college this week. Tons of homework, tutors, and tuition are going on. Grasping air is also very hard. Tough Luck!

I don't really have time to upload my post about the trip to galveston with all the battleship and submarine that is left in World War 2. I will post it when I am free, probably around the weekends. I upload the pictures to my facebook. The trip is so awesome that it took us from 8.30am to 12.20 am in midnight. We were so tired after the whole day.



Jill said...

u miss ur wallet?
careless or being stolen?

Cheong Hao said...

being stolen lah...someone steal my wallet from my locker

Jill said...

geng lo~luckily jus lost 5 bucks~
btw,why put ur wallet at locker?=.=

Cheong Hao said...

my school got locker mah..so put my stuff in it loh...lol...no reason...