Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lesson Learnt

Today could be one of my 'luckiest' day in my life. I woke up late today. After rushing all the stuff, manage to make it to college compound in time.

Like usual, I left my bag inside the locker and went away. When I return to the locker, I notice that my locker and my bag was wide open. I was stunned for a while. My mind was continuously saying "Oh Shit!" All my stuff inside my bag was in disoriented order. My shirt was flying all over the place in my locker. I started searching my bag and see what had gone missing. I lost my wallet. Damn it~ Someone must have stole it. I only have 5 bucks, my Malaysian ID, Driving permit, 2 insurance card, a debit card and some useless card. He must be a beggar. Lolz~

Who would want to still a wallet belonging to such a poor guy. I pity the guy *cause it is a guys locker* who stole my wallet. What can you buy with 5 dollars? I buy Mcd for him also much better. Haha~

I search around the area, and went to the front desk to ask if anyone drop it by ( I know is useless ) The lady working there told me to report it to the police department in Building E. I had no choice but to go there. The lady in the office ask me to complete the volunteer form stating what I lost, how I lost it, and the description of my wallet including the interior stuff. A police officer ask me some question and open a case file for me. He gave me my case number. ( couldn't say it here ) He told me to come back tomorrow to get the copy of the report and see if they found it or not.

This is why I like about the Cops, Fire Officer, and Paramedics in the states. They are really professional unlike those at home. Their occupation is so admire by all the people here. Such a big difference.

I had to call my dad and told him about the incident. My mum then took me to the Texas Department of Public Safety all the way at Conroe. It wasn't a long drive for today. Maybe the feeling was different. It took me only a short while to get my temporary permit back. I had to pay 10 bucks and took a photo. A permanent permit will be send to me.

I had to go to the bank too, to get myself a Wells Fargo Temporary ATM Card since I lost my debit card. Got it done it 15 minutes. Wasn't very much of a hassle For Goodness Sake! Well, about the 2 insurance card and the Malaysian ID card, hopefully I can find it back. The insurance card won't be much of a problem. The ID would be quite a problem. I got to get myself a new one when I go back to Malaysia next time. My mum keep nagging me, saying how important it is. I don't really care about my Malaysian ID card.

God Bless Me that I can find it back. Until then, still my 'luckiest' day. LOLZ?

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