Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Cam =)


I was suppose to post this yesterday, but it turned out that I had to finish my work before doing this. We went out in the noon and reached home late at night. We went and visited the Chok family again. They moved into their new apartment. Haha~ It was three storey. Quite large for 3 people.

We had lunch at a Taiwan Noodle shop. Forgot the shop name. We ordered quite a lot to eat, and I was stuffed. We ordered two gigantic bowl of pork chop noodle and also beef noodle. It was soft and tender. We also got the chance to try Taiwan cold noodles. It was a new thing for me. Overall quite good. It is the best noodle restaurant in Houston area.

We went seperate ways after lunch. My dad wanted to have a look at the hong kong market in downtown. I have no idea why they put 'hong kong'. It was bascically all vietnamise people inside. Should be vietnamies market. LMFAO! The stucture and design of the building was quite nice. Reminded me of those Chinese temples.

After a few weeks of discussion with my dad, we decided to buy this camera as shown in the picture. We went to quite a lot of places to look for a decent camera. We bought a Samsung SL620. It has a 12.2 Megapixel with a 5x optical zoom which is quite nice. The bext thing about it was that it was on sale. It was 40 dollars cheaper than usual price. We got it for $129 only. Such a great deal where to find. We got it from Best Buy.
I had always wanted a new camera. The old camera was inly 7.1 mega pixels with only 3x optical zoom. Hopefully my dad is going to buy a pro camera later on as well, as this camera will basically be mine if I enter University. Haha~~~


BB milk said...

nice wor~
got new camera le~
can take more pic and share wif us la~^^

Cheong Hao said...

haha..yea and better also...the old camera so noob.