Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sleeping Problems

Have been quite busy recently with all the school, tutoring, tuition, lab works, and also driving lessons. It has only been the second week yet all the work loads are pilling one after another. It gives me a never ending feeling. I wonder when will all these work ends and I can rest and sleep properly. Since the driving rules have been reinforced on Sept 1, I need to make haste in my procedure of the taking all 7 driving lessons. I need to finish all of the things before I reach 19. I wouldn't want to go to the DPS center back in Conroe to complete. That will be WAY TOO MUCH of a hassle. Teachers at college are going crazy this semester giving lots of work everyday. I have only a little bit of work in Summer. Maybe it is because it is a relaxing period of time. For this semester course work, I need to interview a native speaker, do some community service to turn it as a journal, 1 hour of lab work each week, 1 hour of reading tutor class each week, and also tons of homework. I have been going to bed around 2 to 3 this few days. I was even caught sleeping in class by my teacher. Damn it =( I even fell asleep while doing my homework siting on the chair. Super Ultra Tired!

Can't wait until next Monday which is Labour day. An extra day for me to rest. In the states, we don't have much public holidays per year. There is only a few such as Thanks Giving, Labour Day, July 4th, Easter Day, and Christmas. It is definately different from Malaysia with all the birthdays, Memoral Days of so and so, and other useless holidays. It is a very rare chance for us to have an extra day of holiday in the states.

May god bless I won't fall sick with all the work. Got to sleep. Biesss.....

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