Sunday, October 25, 2009

Texas Renaissance Festival...

I seriously haven't touch or open mt blog to see in 2 weeks. It has been my longest record so far for not checking out on my own blog. There had been a time when I open up my blog everyday, or read other people blog everyday. I still love to read many different types of blogs no matter what the content is about. Going to talk about the blog thing later. The reason why I am writing here after 12 days of not touching it is because I encountered something awesome yesterday, and feel like writing it down here.

We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival which was held once every year for 2 whole months. It was truely amazing. The theme of the day or week was about pirate. Everyone was already wearing different types of pirate costumes when we reached there. We had no idea about it. There was a shop was people to rent the costumes, but we didn't bother much about it. I figured out that if I was to go with some friends, we would have rented some costumes and dressed up crazily.

Going to continue it tmr. Need to get some sleep. Tata~~~

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