Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back from the Trip >.<"

Just came back from Austin yesterday. We were visiting an university that I wanted to transfer to. It was beautiful, but the requirements and admissions procedure is so hard. I need at least a 3.8 gpa to be able to transfer.

Just finish uploading the pictures from the trip last night. We went to Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and also San Diego. We also went so some places for a stop over cause the road trip was too tiring for my dad to handle alone.

It was a fun and tiring road trip. Would love to visit Chicago and New York in the summer.


san said...

so nice lo, i want to go also

Cheong Hao said...

go lor...i belanja you food, you pay your own expenses..haha..

san said...

u say de ah, all the food u pay ah.

Cheong Hao said...

i pay loh. hahaha

Tharik Ahamed said...

nice info!!!

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