Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reflection on Google Docs

        Recently, I have been given assignments which required collaboration with colleagues. These colleagues were great distances away or have hectic schedules that made meetings impossible. Our mission for the assignment was to create a MythBuster research report, which evaluated different testing methods for the given myth. By majority, we opted to use Google Docs as our main source of communication and work plans.

It was mainly selected due to its ease of accessibility. Face to face meetings were virtually non-essential because Google Docs provided everything we needed. We were able to talk in the side chat box and work on the document at the same time without much conflict. Work was progressing smoothly until we reached a point where we had trouble using some of the tools available such as the highlighting function; It wouldn't highlight a specific sentence. We then had to spend extra time to learn the tool better so we could use it. An unnecessary Google Docs drawback was the non-user friendly highlighting tool that consumed too much of our time. Based on my personal experience, I have listed out a few of the pros as well as cons of using Google Docs.

  • All users will be able to access the document at the same time.
  • Work will have full privacy - Only shared members can edit the document
  • Most recent changes will be updated immediately.
  • Auto save function - Prevents from losing the information even without saving it intentionally
  • Different color cursor for each users to avoid confusion.
  • Sidebar shows users that are online on the side.
  • Chat box are available at the side for communication purposes - Conflict can be resolved instantly. Other users will be able to inform the writer about the changes required
  • Saves time and better flexibility - Face to face meeting can be avoided with everyone pack schedule
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Face to face Meet Up Vs. Using Google Docs

  • Update delays between writer and viewer - Defers greatly on each users Internet speed
  • Highlighting function isn't user friendly - It takes skill to highlight certain sentences instead of the entire document.
  • Document could be deleted unintentionally - i.e. When dragging the cursor, bits and pieces of the document will be deleted
  • Less tools are available compare to the actual word document or others.

It was overall a great tool and the Pros outweigh the Cons. Google Docs has features that are useful for collaborating, instant communications and a document sharing. We managed to save a lot of time without having to meet face to face. We were able to complete the assignment before deadline even with its disadvantages from using Google Docs. One also need to keep in mind that your internet speed will affect the update delays between writer and viewer. This tool is really helpful for collaborations with group members that are great distances away or might have heavy schedules. It will be used more frequently in the work field. I will need to master this tool and its respective functions to work more efficiently in the future.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Vitual Identity Investigation

Below are instructions to conduct an investigation on “potential” applicants for the company. The body of this instruction into three main sections: preparation, conducting the research on different internet tools and lastly compiling the information. The procedure will come under each website we come across. Do not skip them. Completing these instructions will assist with evaluations in the hiring process. The investigation will take from 30 minutes to two hours.

Intro to Body:
   A) Preparing for the investigation
   B) Conducting the research on websites
          1) Google         
          2) Facebook
          3) Blogger/Wordpress/Xanga
          4) Email
   C) Compiling information

What is Virtual Identity?
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- Virtual identity is the characteristics of someone that has been inputted into the internet database. It is what describes your online personality. Depending on how the user input the data, that information can be of great help or lead to a greater disaster.

Actions that should be prevented:

Remember to be ethical when investigating. Do not discriminate a candidate’s background information. We are looking for values that will be resourceful to the company. Personal feelings should not be put into the investigation. These instructions should only be used for hiring purposes for PetroChem.


A) Preparing for the Investigation:

You will need the things listed below before you begin.

  • Substantial knowledge on accessing the internet
  • Fast internet speed
  • Information of applicant e.g. Application letter, Resume
  • Have account and access to websites mentioned above


B) Conducting the Research on Website:

1. (1)
     a) Go to

     b) Type the applicant full name + description in the Google search bar..
          ‡ Refer to picture (1)
          ‡ Example: Jason Smith – Texas A&M University

     d) Click ‘Google Search’.
          ‡ There will be searches related to the applicant.

     e) Proceed on.
          ‡ No information will be found at this point.

2. Facebook (2)
     a) Go to name

     b) Log in to your Facebook account

     c) Request to be friend with the applicant.

     d) Check on his background information and extra-curricular activities.

     e) Check his activity level on Facebook.
          ‡ Self-discipline and focus is needed in the work place.

     f) Write down important information about the applicant.
          ‡ Make note of applicant current activities, prior achievements, and who he socializes.

3. Blogger/WordPress/Xanga (3)
     a) Search these websites for applicant.
          ‡ Such examples are


     b) Send a message to the user to bypass privacy settings to their blog if applicable.

     c) Study their blogs and posts.
          ‡ Notice how the applicant writes and what the contents are.

     d) Evaluate the candidate personality and character through the information obtained.
          ‡ Find out about the user on the positive and negative side.
          ‡ This will be needed at the end of this investigation.

4. Email (4)
     a) Access the applicant email addresses.
          ‡ It will be listed on their Facebook, Blog and also their resume.

     b) Count the number of email addresses.
          ‡ Email with .edu will be for education purposes while .com is for commercial/ general usage.
          ‡ Understand the meaning of having separate emails for personal and working purposes.


C) Compiling Information

     - At this point, you are finished with your investigation.
     - You will need to compile all the notes taken and create general comments.



After following the instructions, you should be able to conclude the aspects of the applicant in terms of their education background, personality, work experience, professionalism and character. Divide them into similar categories. Also include the applicant weaknesses and strengths. This will make things easier when you report to your boss in a memo format. This set of instructions does not teach you how to use each website. If you have trouble using the available internet tools, seek help from knowledgeable seniors or peers.

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© Cheong Hao Yeong, October 1, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

All About Virtual Responsibilities

Virtual Identity is a useful source of information. It allows you to connect with other peers as well as companies, but can at the same time cause trouble. It depends on how the privacy setting shows visibility to the society. For instances, it is possible to set it up so that only intimate friends will be able to view it. When anonymous people want to look at it, they will have to get permission from the blog owner. This will secure personal information better. In some cases, you will have to allow the community to view your personal information on some social net-working site even if reluctant. Only include what is show-able to the public. Hide all unnecessary private information, things that do not need to be on the information list in the first place.

One example will be that you are trying to apply for a job, which might even be your first job in your career path. You need to understand recruiters will most likely do a detail background check before even letting you in for the interview. In such cases, be aware of what they can find and keep certain websites, such as personal blogs out of their reach. Virtual responsibilities is important in a company as it could have a lot of constrains in it. It is the same at work or even at school. Do not try to make stupid confessions through various social networking sites that are open to the community. Do not brag unnecessary things through the Internet that could actually be your weaknesses. Your career path depends on your actions.

Below are some important and useful information that needs to be aware of before posting every time.

Ø  Personal Information and Addresses
  • Information are what best describe a person. Wanting to share your information with others is not a bad thing, but it doesn't have to be too detailed. With the latest social networking sites such as Facebook or twitter, it is possible to pin someone down to their exact location. It is even easier with the 'check-in' apps provided by I-phone. This will attract unwanted attention from the surroundings. It is useful to remind yourself whether adding your full home address in your contact information is necessary. Only include them when it is really necessary such as when you are filling up an application form online. Everything you inserted electronically will have a general database that records all the information. Even if it seems like you have erase it, it is still possible to re-appear. You will need to prove to the recruiter that you keep check of what you are doing. Keeping certain information only to yourself will be a useful thing. If other people can't see the negative side of you, the recruiter won't either.

Ø  Learn to Hide Your Frustrations and Stupid Confessions
  • In the work field or during studies, stress can accumulate easily over time. With not only a lot of work awaiting you, it was also your unlucky day of the month. You got scolded by your boss based on really minor technical errors. Your boss is in a bad mood and wants to vent it onto someone else. You got selected, what now?
  • How you faced the problem will be essential in this case. There are many people that like to share their frustration with all their net-friends through Facebook. They never thought that their co-workers or even their boss would be able to find it one day. If you were caught, not only will it cause another misunderstanding with your boss, you will also need to solve issues concerning your boss. It is highly not encouraged, but if releasing the stress and anger with friends helps, only do it at a personal blog where the privacy settings have been set to the tightest. In this case, nobody will be able to read it besides readers that you allowed. There are always alternate solutions to release your stress. Meet up with a friend outside work hours or even do some exercise that would give you a change of pace. Always try to maintain a calm and good impression of yourself in front of your boss. Don't do anything stupid that would give you a chance to mess things up.
Ø  Company Work Policies and Its System
  • Every company has their ways on running their system. The information of the company should not leave the office area even after your shift is over. It isn't necessary to spread around the social networking site when your company decides to undergo a new policy. Do not try to show off your happiness or brag about how it affects you. There are a few reasons why this shouldn't be done.
ü  The policy might change again as long as it hasn’t been applied. There is always a need for improvement to various elements.
ü  Other employees from rival companies will be able to know the company current situation.
ü  Information inside the company stays in the company.
ü  Even if you wanted to share it with your friends, it could still be harmful towards the company. As long as the risk of causing trouble to the company exists, it should be avoided.
  • One example will be when your company starts a new project and the information somehow leaked towards the society because you posted it on Twitter. Other companies will try to take the initiative to work on new projects similar to your own company. This is mainly because your company hasn’t start putting the elements together. It is all about being competitive in the work field. Just because of one short sentence posted in Twitter, it will force the company to reconstruct the project and make a lot of changes to it. You will most likely lose your job from this occasion.

There are certain rules in the virtual technology era that has to be followed. We need to know what are the limitations one needs to set and under what conditions can they only be exceeded. Always have a clear point of view who is your audiences. Different privacy settings will be required for each social networking site. Personal blogs are meant to be private, work website should only have information that are work-related, and lastly social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter are for the public. Anyone could stream the information. When you are applying for a job, even if you are the best in school, excel in extra-curricular activities, but have a bad record in your life then everything will add up to zero. All these could be found with a search function through the internet. Show only what you think can help boost your value to the public and nothing that goes the other way. After sending in your resume and application form, the background search the recruiter will be doing will determine if you get the interview or not. It is important to always think twice and who will be reading it before posting anything.

Monday, September 19, 2011


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